Turning Used Tires Into Renewable Energy

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There are many exciting technologies now in existence. One of them has found a way to convert waste from things like used tires, plastic, and municipal solid waste into energy. This is great because we’re no longer dependent on things like oil wells and fracking, both of which damage our environment.

How Tires are Converted Into Energy

The process of converting tires into energy is a relatively simple one. After collecting the tires they’re shredded down to about ¾ of an inch. These tire “chips” are heated in the absence of oxygen, meaning there’s no combustion. This means the tire chips are super-heated to 842 °F but they don’t burn. Instead, the hydrocarbons are broken down into synthesis gas (syngas) and solids (carbon). This is then micro-milled into a fine powder called Pyroil that can be used to replace the crude oil. It’s actually a D975 ultra-low sulfur diesel.

The Popularity of Converting Tire Waste Into Energy

This is something that’s been around for some time. However, it’s growing in popularity today since technology has finally caught up with the concept. In fact, the U.S. Has developed many waste-to-energy projects that will be active soon. New technologies are also being developed that use alternative heating elements. For instance, many of them are using microwave technology instead of traditional burners. Many people believe that converting tires-to-energy will make great strides in the near future.

The Benefits of Converting Tire Waste Into Energy

This type of energy is based on the purest form of recycling. There are countless benefits of converting tires-to-energy. These include:

  • Reducing tire waste in landfills reduces the amount of toxic waste that leaches into the soil
  • Cuts down on catastrophic fires caused by pollution
  • Improving the environment (e.g. prevents the manifestation of infestations of mosquitos in the water that collects in the tires)
  • Creating cleaner fuel than fracking or traditional oil
  • Cleaner fuel, energy or carbon than the crude oil alternative

The Challenges of Converting Tire Waste Into Energy

Unfortunately, there are some challenges involved in producing this type of energy. These challenges include:

  • Producing the correct long-term tire feedback and off-take agreements
  • Choosing a technology that’s been proven to work
  • Setting up the system on the right site

Global Clean Energy (GCE) Inc. has been able to overcome these challenges. As such, they can move forward in converting tires to energy.

The Future of Converting Tire Waste Into Energy

GCE has successfully kept over 1.6 million tires out of landfills in just one year alone. In their second year they doubled this to 3.2 million tires. They’re doing this by using the proven pyrolysis technology that’s been able to deploy 20+ systems in the past 10 years. With such great success already, it’s clear that more is yet to come in the near future.

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