What to Look For When Shopping For Used Tires

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Buying used tires for your automobile, though risky, is economical in this recession and austerity hit era. This risk can be minimized, adding to the benefit of low cost, if one knows what to look for while buying them.

What to Look For When Shopping For Used Tires

Things To Look For When Buying Used Tires

The following points will guide you in the right direction when shopping for used tires:

      1. Check the tire measurements to be the same as your vehicle’s requirements.

      2. Look for tires from reputed brands, like; Goodyear, Pirelli, Toyo, etc.

      3. Make sure the used tire still has a decent level of tread depth left.

      4. Along with tread, check and see if the tread wear is evenly spread, as uneven wearing negatively affects the tire’s effectiveness and safety.

      5. Ensure no internally braided cords or thin steel wires are visible, or coming out of the tread.

      6. Tires with unrepairable or plugged punctures are out of the list. Patched punctures are more reliable and lasting.

      7. Always replace all four tires at once or in pairs. This ensures the alignment and balance of your automobile’s axle. Having tires with the same or similar tread patterns makes your ride smoother.

      8. Checking for cracks is another important task. Cracks all over the tire may indicate belt separations or dry rot.

Additional Tips When Shopping For Used Tires

Besides the points mentioned above, the old-school way of sweet talking things out of the dealer will definitely assist you in making the right purchase. More importantly, reusing tires also augurs well for the environment. Go ahead and refute all those who say used tires are just scrap.

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