The Dangers of Cracked Tires

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Your safety and the safety of other road users is one of your major responsibilities while on the drive. As such, it is upon you to ensure that you are not only safe, but also that the lives and the safety of other road users is taken care of. One way to do this is by ensuring that your drive is not only roadworthy, but also that its components are in good working condition.

The Dangers of Cracked Tires

Why Are Tires Important?

Tires though often overlooked by many, are one of the most important components of any vehicle. Basically, a tire is made of different parts, like the tread voids, tread grooves and others, which work together to facilitate contact between the road and the tires. For that to happen, the tire must be the right one for the wheel, and at the same time it should be well inflated.

Cracked Tires Are Dangerous

Cracked tires pose various dangers for you, while on the road. Cracked or poorly inflated tires pose a more serious challenge for your vehicle’s performance traction while driving. Using cracked tires exposes the plies to the outside. If the outer part of the tire gets cracked, it becomes even more dangerous. In such a case and assuming the tire is well inflated, pressure from inside mounts on the crack outside, which with time will succumb. Thus resulting in a blow out. A blow out can be quite disastrous to your safety and at the same time, such an incident can lender your vehicle unstable, or even at the worst loss of control.

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