Should You Worry About Bubbles in Your Tires?

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Your tires are very important parts of your vehicle. Essentially, you cannot operate without them. Still, you must ensure that your tires are in perfect condition for complete safety on the road.

Should You Worry About Bubbles in Your Tires?

How Tire Bubbles Form

You should be worried if you notice some bubbles on your vehicle’s tires. This could have happened when you applied an impact break. This normally happens when you hit a pothole or any other place that further causes air to get to the tire’s tube liner. It could also happen when the tire’s components are contaminated during the manufacturing process. Still, a driver may have over-loaded the tire, which further causes the bubbles.

Essentially, a bubble forms when there is separation of materials – pliers and rubber. When your tire forms bubbles, the structural integrity of the entire tire is affected, and it will only be a matter of time before it bursts. This can cause accidents and damage the rest of your vehicle, or even cause loss of lives.

Best Advice: Replace Your Bubbled Tire

You need to find the nearest tire store in your area for advice on whether to repair or replace the tire. When the damage is minimal, a technician may advice you to go for a repair instead of the expensive replacement. However, in most cases, you will still not have the confidence to drive your vehicle with the damaged tire. This is, because the continuous use of the bubbled tire will lead to the weakening of the entire tire, which further poses danger to the driver and the passengers.

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