3 Basic Tire Maintenance Tips

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Knowing the 3 basic tire maintenance tips will enable you to get the most from your tires. Some people think that once they have bought tires and fitted them in their vehicle, they do not need to maintain them. This is not true. You can only get maximum performance from your tires and your vehicle by maintaining the tires.

3 Basic Tire Maintenance Tips

3 Basic and Important Tire Maintenance Tips

Here are the 3 basic tire maintenance tips to help you get maximum returns from your tires:

  1. Check the tire wall: This is very important, especially after riding your vehicle for a long distance on a rough terrain. Stones and sharp objects are likely to cause scratches or even pierce your tire. Checking for such damages every week, and acting appropriately will increase the lifespan of your tires.
  2. Checking the pressure of the tire: Pressure is very important for the tires. Driving a vehicle whose tires do not have the right amount of pressure, damages the wheels and the tires. In addition, if a vehicle does not have the right amount of pressure, it will not perform as efficient as it should. Therefore, always check the pressure of your used tires every month or so.
  3. Tire rotation: Tire rotation is the moving of the front tires to the rear, and vise versa. When the tires are not rotated, they will start to wear-off unevenly. Daily impacts like railroad crossings and potholes can affect the tire. As such, tire rotation should be performed on a regular basis.

Important Maintenance Practices of a Tire

These are simple but important maintenance practices of a tire. If you want to get maximum performance from your vehicle, always observe these 3 basic tire maintenance tips.

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