2018 Summer Tire Safety Tips

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Summer of 2018 is one of the most popular times for outdoor fun and road trips in the car. It won’t surprise you that now it is more important than ever to pay attention to your tires. After all, who wants to stop the fun – because you’ve got to get a new tire, or a whole new set?

2018 Summer Tire Safety Tips

So keep our tire safety tips for summer 2018 handy, and you’ll always be ready for the next BBQ, pool party or other summer shenanigans that come your way!

Tip #1: Do the “Penny Test”

For this you need a USA penny (note: this tip refers to USA vehicles). This is a super simple way to check your tire treads, to see if it is time for new tires. Turn your Lincoln penny upside-down in one of your tire’s treads. If you can see 100% of Lincoln’s head, then your vehicle’s tire tread is below the legal requirement to be on the road. Understand that your tires need to have a minimum of 2/32 inches of tread on them.

Tip #2: Rotate Your Tires at 6K Miles

Simply add this to your vehicle maintenance. Just as you get an oil change typically at 3K miles, you want to rotate your tires at 6K miles. Actually most often, you can get your tires rotated at the auto mechanic at the same time you get your oil change. It is easy to combine these 2 errands!

Tip #3: Double Check Tire Pressure Monthly

This is especially important during the summer hot days, as the temperature in many places rises. The temperature will actually affect your tire pressure! Typically about every 10 degrees in temperature degrees, you are going to notice this in your tire pressure.

Know that when your tire pressure is low, it is hard to steer and brake properly with your vehicle. Your gas mileage will also not be as good as it usually could be.

We recommend you schedule this short errand for the same day of the month, so it is easy to remember. For example, always check the tire pressure the 1st Saturday of the month.

Tip #4: Get a Tire Gauge and Keep it in the Car

This is one of the smartest things you can do to protect your tires. These are easy to find, at your local auto supply store. A tire gauge is simple to use, ask your auto mechanic (or search online) what tire pressure numbers are best for your car – and then write them down, keep them with your tire gauge in the glove box.

You’ll be able to monitor your tires in an instant and know right away if you’ve got to get air or perhaps if you think something else is going on with your tires, catch it early.

Tip #5: Summer Rain and Lightning Storms? Slow Your Car Down!

By reducing your car’s speed, you are helping the tires do their job much better. Don’t let a pushy driver behind you pressure you into speeding in a storm beyond the legal speed limit. If you drive too fast in the rain, your car possibly can hydroplane if you come across large or deep puddles of water in the road.

Tip #6: Actually Open Your Vehicle’s Manual to Look Something up

During the summer, road trips are super popular. Your vehicle can become loaded down with so much stuff! Sometimes way too much stuff, and this affects how the tires react and perform on the road.

Take out the vehicle’s manual, to look up the manufacturer’s loading recommendation, which will tell you how much stuff really is best to put in there.

Tip #7: Tires Doing Great? At 6 Years, They’ve Still Got to Go

Keep this in mind as you plan your summer fun: how old are your vehicle’s tires? If they are 6 years old, it is really time to get to your tire shop and replace them, pronto!

“But they are just fine!” you may protest. You can congratulate yourself for a job well done of taking good care of your tires and realize simply that at 6 years, time’s up.

Tip #8: Trust Your Gut

Many drivers can tell when they are behind the wheel, that their tires are a little odd. Don’t push this away or say that you are too busy. Even if you are not near your regular auto mechanic, stop at a popular wheels and tires store you know or a local used tire shop and ask them to check the tire pressure. Perhaps you simply need a bit of air in one of the tires. Or maybe your tire hit something sharp like a broken bottle, that has caused a puncture in it, so you need a small patch. It is much better to have a short stop that you plan, than to have to pull over suddenly when you are on the highway or on the road, because things have gotten more challenging.

Keep your tires and vehicle safe – and enjoy every moment of the summer of 2018!

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